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At Nalvillas specializes in designing luxurious weddings on Ibiza and Italy

They have extensive knowledge of the local wedding scene and strive to create unforgettable celebrations for their clients. Their high service standards and refined taste are reflected in their selection of venues, suppliers, and professionals. With meticulous planning and seamless event execution, they make every momentous occasion truly extraordinary.

All-Inclusive Solutions:
Discovering the Perfect Venue, Sacred Church Weddings, Legal Assistance for Weddings, Private Villa Nuptials, Beachside Ceremonies, Bridal Couture, Custom Bridal Bouquets, Tailored Design, Premium Wines & Signature Cocktails, Scrumptious Catering, Menu Curation, Customized Cakes and Dessert Stations, Bespoke Infrastructure, Floral Arrangements & Displays, Technical Support, Star-Studded Entertainment, Live Music & Performances

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