Enchanting Caretakers
for Your Cherished Little Ones



Selecting a nanny or babysitter shouldn’t be daunting.


Nalvillas collaborates with a dependable selection of childcare providers to ensure your children’s safety and happiness while you unwind. We recognize that our services should seamlessly integrate with your family dynamic. Our meticulous process identifies the ideal caregiver, prioritizing safety, trustworthiness, training, experience, and a genuine love for children.

We consider your specific needs, including hours, expertise, age, demeanor, nationality, and language proficiency.

We are keenly aware that your children are your most precious and
beloved treasures.

Secure Your Exceptional Childcare Today!

Discover the perfect short-term or long-term professional nanny and babysitter in Ibiza. Trust our expertly-vetted caregivers for unmatched care and support. Don't wait – book now!

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